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~Re connected~
Thanks to a friend in my building I am re connected to wifi (at least for now) please note that IG only allows so much activity before blocking my actions, so I will try to play catch up on some feeds, those who have left comments on my last post will be first, then will browse my feed! Comment here if I’ve missed some of your recent posts and will return the feedback :) #ottcity_sky (at Andrew Haydon Park)

~Dirty flowers at sundown~
So I wasn’t going to post this as I went a little heavy on the fade and felt it to be a bit to dirty for the new “clean image” I was looking to produce. However my IG pal @cindyandtheboys tagged me to take part in #fromthecuttingroomfloor so this one deff fits that bill, as I was going to discard this edit. Swing by @cindyandtheboys feed and show her some IG love, but also check the tag above! (in spirit of community and keeping things going, I would like to tag @zaknuttall to join the fun!) (at The Cutting Room)

~Cloud burn formula~
If you’re a fan of @mextures like I am you may be familiar with the guest formulas already, however I would like to draw attention to one artist in particular. @thejustinjohnston has some really amazing shots and edits on his feed, but also his formulas in the #mexturesapp are fantastic and highly effective for a quick, yet detailed edit. Here I’ve used his formula “cloud burn” and it fit so well the only adjustment I made was to the “1970” texture layer, by lowering its opacity to 8% if you’re a big fan of shooting outdoors/landscapes I highly recommend looking at what he has to offer both on his feed @thejustinjohnston and as a guest #mexturesformula creator! #ottcity_sky

~Nightlight’s at Dows lake~
Glad some of my Ottawa IG buddies made it down this weekend to watch the demolition on the lake and grab some cool pics, I of course was sleeping in! However here is a shot two weeks before the demo, and the building in question lies in the shadows! #dowslake #nightphotography #ottcity_sky (at Dow’s Lake Park)

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