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~Far off reflections~
As some of you know I have been doing a few collab edits with different artists on IG from around the globe. This time I have the honour to work with @gavman18 from South Africa! Gavin’s feed is full of spectacular images from his farm and other South African locations! When he sent me this shot to edit I couldn’t help but leave it in a 16x9 format so you can see the awesome reflections and lines in this shot! Go over to Gavin’s feed via @gavman18 for more wonderful landscape and nature shots you will be happy you did! #phexid_collab (at COLLAB EDIT)

~Distant places~
Been very honoured to work with a few different artists here on IG over the past few weeks on what I call #phexid_collab images. This shot came from my good friend @darling.cattleya all the way over seas in Asia! Be sure to swing by her feed for what are some of the coolest shots from that part of the globe to be shared on IG, and also see the above tag to see other collab projects I have done! Via @darling.cattleya (at COLLAB EDIT)

~Fabulous Florida~
Pleased as pie to present my second #phexid_collab with my IG pal @delmisc from Florida! (her shot, my edit) Please go to her feed and leave some Insta-love, her beach, sky, and landscape shots are some of the most beautiful stuff on IG! Via @delmisc (at COLLAB EDIT)

~Fire from Florida~
Very stoked to share the latest #phexid_collab with my pals. This awesome shot comes from my IG pal @delmisc all the way down in Florida! Be sure to swing by her feed and show her some IG love, you will not be disappointed :) via @delmisc (at COLLAB EDIT)

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